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MENA Forum 2023

MENA Forum 2023 examines ways in which the Middle East can work with the international community to develop sustainable, long-term solutions to pressing regional challenges. Sessions will focus on regional responses to global geopolitical shifts; economic resilience and diversification; the development of sustainable energy systems; and the Middle East’s climate objectives and priorities ahead of COP 28.

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latest report

Mind the Gap:Highlighting MENA’s Climate Finance Challenge

Special Report: MENA Climate Financing Challenges

Released alongside COP 28 in 2023, this timely report examines the factors influencing climate finance inflows into the MENA region. It identifies the key challenges and gaps, as well as the positive indicators, shaping efforts to secure climate funding. The findings are grounded in original data on international climate finance inflows to 19 MENA countries from the top three global climate funds and their sub-funds

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Think Research & Advisory is a MENA-based firm providing independent research and strategic advisory to support decision-makers in navigating a complex global landscape. Our strong suite of services provides unique insights, analysis, and evidence-based views in the areas of energy, geopolitics, macroeconomics, and media.

As part of our services, we leverage our dynamic team of experts, well versed in our thematic areas of focus, to deliver bespoke and targeted strategic advisory on the most pressing challenges facing global and regional leaders.

Unique expertise and perspectives from

The Middle East

World-class experts and analysts with deep understanding of the region


Research & Advisory’s macro-research encompasses four main areas of expertise


Research & Advisory

We deliver bespoke briefings and strategic advisory to help our clients understand and manage pressing challenges in macroeconomics, geopolitics, energy and media in the MENA region.

Strategic Advisory

In-depth Research Services

Briefings & Policy Updates

Trends Analysis and Forecast

Country Political and Policy Risk

Polling and Survey

Data Gathering

Using technology-powered polling and surveys, we gather the information needed to answer clients’ questions on a number of sectors and topics


We bring data to life by leveraging our teams’ experience and knowledge of the MENA region to ensure that our customers can truly understand public sentiment, behaviour and preferences


With our data and analysis, we create bespoke reports which include actionable insights to help customers navigate a complex regional and international environment


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